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LH Mopeds

Hey this is Samz. Im gana see if we can start a moped club in LH and Parsippany. If anything we might also be able to get some funds and pay monthly for a better site. Somewhere around $5 a month would be good and we can expand everything on here.

Spread the word, more riders wanted!

Repairs and Other jobs

If anybody needs repairs, parts or intallation just shoot me an email at SamZubel@aim.com with yor questions, i will be happy to help out.


Tomos & Puch

Still under construction

Updates should be done daily. stay postedCool

UPDATE - Check out the Blog page!

If you would like your picture added to crew, please email me with your picture attached, your name, town name, moped name, thanks SamZubel@aim.com

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